SGA Senate appoints new senator, discusses possible amendment

Student Government Association’s Senate appointed a new senator, discussed student voting for a possible amendment to the SGA constitution and announced there would be no “Meat the Candidates” this year in the Feb. 9 meeting.

Senate appointed Nicole Gallups, last year’s Senate Vice president, as a senator.

Senate went into executive session to “discuss the appointment,” said Senate Vice President Tyler Delano. However, he did not state the specific topic of the session. Reasons for executive sessions can include “general reputation and character, physical condition, professional competence or mental health of individuals,” according to the Alabama Open Meetings Act.

Senate voted 21 – 0 in favor of the appointment with six abstentions.

Delano also discussed an amendment to the SGA Constitution that will be up for student voting Feb. 13 – 15 through the SGA website This amendment is voting toward the return of the Judicial Branch of SGA, Delano said.

Any student can vote on the amendment.

Delano said if students have additional comments on the amendment to contact them at [email protected]

Elections and Recruitment Chairman Cameron Byroad said “Meat the Candidates” will not take place this semester due to the lack of turnout in students who aren’t in SGA versus the money put into the event. This was an annual event where SGA officer candidates answered questions over barbecue and banana pudding.

“I believe it was necessary to have some type of event whether it be a debate, setting up each candidate on the stage in the Guillot University Center or just going on Facebook Live,” said Senator Hugo Dante.

Senator Kacey Womack said she talked to students in the Commons who knew nothing about the candidates, and they said they would not vote for that reason.

“We looked into having an event on the stage of the GUC, but when you try to do that during the day, not every candidate can be there at the same time,” said Emily Rogers, member of the elections committee.

Tyler Thompson, director of Student Engagement, said it is not SGA’s responsibility to promote the new officers. He said it’s the individuals’ job to let the students know they are running.