Junior says transfers need voice in SGA

Junior Aaron Wade said at the Student Government Association’s Feb. 2 meeting there should be an easier way for transfer students to join the organization.

To join Senate, a candidate must have completed a semester at UNA, with the exception of first time students appointed by the president, accord to SGA’s code of laws.

“I propose removing that restriction and letting transfer students come in from the beginning or creating a transfer forum like Freshmen Forum,” Wade said. “We’re paying dues to be here just like everyone else, and we should be represented equally.”

Senator Sam Mashburn proposed the creation of a subcommittee to research the idea and volunteered to lead it.

“I think that’s something I never thought of before, but it really needs to be added,” he said.

During the meeting, Senator Hugo Dante also said SGA is close to joining the Shoals Chamber of Commerce.

The chamber has received SGA’s application, but has not yet received the check, Dante said.

“They’re going to go ahead and let us get involved with the chamber,” he said. “We’re going to ahead and get committee applications and get ourselves placed in committees and start attending those meetings.

“Now, we get to go over there and advocate for the students.”