SGA requests student presence in polls

Student Government Association President

Welcome back, students! What a great first semester of the school year we had.

The current Student Government Association staff is over halfway through our term. We have seen some really great things happen, as well as some things that have not gone the way we had hoped. But with this, our No. 1 priority has been you, the student. You are what keeps us fighting for what is right.

When I was elected as SGA president, I asked you to hold me accountable, and that is what you have done.

Now, I have another request for you. In the coming weeks our campus will face an important decision for the upcoming year: SGA officer elections.

Each year, we see campaign signs go up, cookies passed out and posters hung. I want to challenge you to think about what you want in this upcoming year. Think about what you want to see SGA accomplish and who you want leading that fight.

Voting is important, and that day will soon be here. But before that, we all must make the decision on who deserves to be in those leadership roles.

I encourage you to be on the lookout for anyone already serving the student body in ways that are beneficial to the student population. These are the people you want in office, the people who will put aside their personal biases and beliefs to serve you.

My year as SGA president isn’t over yet, and transition won’t take place until the end of April, but there is nothing I want more than to pass on my position, as well as the other officer positions, to the most selfless, student-centered leaders out there.

SGA is not about the people in the organization or the elected officers, but rather the students.

 I am excited to continue to fight for you the remainder of my term. Please come to me with your concerns and things I can do to better your time here at UNA. I am here for you and will continue to be your voice.

But now, it is your turn to make your voice heard and vote for the candidates that you know will continue to fight for you.  The polls will be open Feb. 20.