SGA’s rollover budget contains almost $40,000

The Student Government Association has a rollover budget that contains about $39,000, and they have not determined the plans for it.

“The rollover budget is unused University Program Council money from years past,” said SGA President Sarah Green. “It’s kind of like a rainy day fund. Whatever doesn’t get used from the UPC budget goes into the rollover budget.

“We have no plans for the money right now. We keep the money as a ‘just-in-case fund’ for emergency.”

Senior Charles Wilson said he hopes they spend the money on events or renovations that are beneficial for the entire student body.

“Maybe it could go toward updating the Student Recreation Center and the Wi-Fi,” he said.

Green said she will look into students’ suggestions and pass them along to the Student Welfare chair.

Before the rollover committee had its first meeting during the fall 2016 semester the rollover budget had around $97,000 in it, Green said.

The committee voted on three things to take out of the rollover budget; $50,000 for spring concert, $7,254 for benches and $1,000 for Collegiate Legislature. The remaining balance is $39,000.

Collegiate Legislature, the third purchase, is a weekend long event that is organized by the YMCA. It is a mock state government that students from public universities can attend, and they can make legislation and send it through the state process. The primary event the rollover budget is used for each year is spring concert.

“Any ticket sales or any unused money from spring concert goes back into the rollover budget,” Green said. “Last year, $50,000 was taken out of rollover for Panic! At the Disco, but $35,000 was made off of ticket sales, so that went back to rollover,” Green said.

Junior Kerri Colwell said the campus needs upgrades for protection.

“We need more or brighter lighting for the walkways at night,” Colwell said. “The (benches) that were added were great, but they need weather protectors over them.”

She said she often had to stand in the rain and would get soaking wet waiting on the bus because there is nothing near the stops to stand under.

Green said they have planned six locations for their newly purchased benches, and these locations will provide students with coverage from the elements.

“We have a nice campus,” said senior Tyler Blevins. “Maybe they could install some drinking fountains or something along those lines because a lot of people bring their dogs and children to walk around our campus.

“We also need a better system for tracking the shuttle buses. I know several people who have to ride the bus, and they say that trying to track the buses is frustrating because it is often inaccurate.”