Tuba Christmas attracts listeners

The musical event Tuba Christmas captured people’s attention at First Friday with their Christmas music.

The annual holiday event is an orchestra of tuba, euphonium and baritone players who play Christmas music to spread holiday cheer.

This was the first year Florence held the event.

Low Brass instructor Jason Sulliman said Tuba Christis a time for musicians who are typically “the backbone of the band” to have a moment in the spotlight.

Sulliman said they hosted the event in appreciation of those players who support their fellow-band members and do not typically get recognized for their efforts.

The ensemble primarily consisted of players from UNA’s Pride of Dixie Band.

“No one really knows what these instruments are and we want people to say, ‘That sounds unique, that sounds new,’” said UNA instrumentalist Brandon Kirk.

Ensemble member Ben Thompson said he got to play one of his favorite Christmas songs, “Oh Christmas Tree.”

Not only was the audience enjoying the music, but the players also loved the festivities.

“It’s nice to just get in front of people to play and perform,” Kirk said.

In addition, people from the surrounding community also came to play in the Tuba Christmas event.

“People who don’t usually play with UNA’s band got to play with us tonight,” Thompson said.

The musical event brought community members together to bond over Christmas music.

Kirk said he encourages others to participate in the event as well.

“If anyone ever wants to play in Tuba Christmas (next year), put an instrument in your hands and join us,” he said.