Rape charge cleared, 4 charged with assault

A grand jury cleared freshman Tyre Pickett’s October rape charge, and his alleged attackers are being charged with third degree assault.

Pickett was charged with first degree rape Oct. 25 when an incident occurred the previous night in Rivers Hall. The charges against him were previously recalled. Pickett was attacked and beaten in the parking deck by four students on campus later that night.

The grand jury issued a “no bill” in Pickett’s case, meaning they determined the evidence against him was not enough to warrant prosecution. A “true bill,” was issued on the other four students’ indictments, meaning the grand jury determined there was sufficient evidence to justify the hearing, said UNA Chief of Police Kevin Gillian.

UNA police served Shaolin Beasley and JaQuerrious Martin warrants for their arrest this morning, and they are being charged with third degree assault.

UNA police were not able to locate students Brandon Simmons and Karen Ashley Hawkins, the other two suspects.

Gillilan said Hawkins is being served with criminal solicitation as well as third degree assault. UNA police believe she may be in Ohio.

“After the warrants are served, the student can make bond and will be free until their court date,” he said. “At their court date, it will be up to the judge what happens to them, whether it be fines, jail time or whatnot.”

The court date is Jan. 26 at 9 a.m.

Pickett’s case has gone through the Office of Student Conduct, and he has been reinstated as a student.