SGA passes bill for luncheon with government officials

The Student Government Association passed a bill Nov. 3 to fund a luncheon between local government officials and students.

The luncheon will be Nov. 29 and will give students an opportunity to meet officials in their community, said junior Hugo Dante, chair of the Legislative Affairs Committee in the senate meeting.

Nineteen senators out of 26 voted to pass the bill, allocating $800 dollars from SGA’s miscellaneous budget, which holds extra funds for the organization.

There is $4,616 in the miscellaneous budget, said sophomore and SGA Treasurer Nikki Mathews in the meeting. 

The money will cover food, catering, invitations and unforeseen expenses.

“(The luncheon) allows the students to be educated on the structure of our community,” Dante said. “It really helps promote a connection of the university to the community as a whole.

“The purpose of this event is to promote UNA’s integration into the Shoals area because this place is a college town.”