Comedy series uses “relateable” situations

From the producers of “Half Minute Horror” comes the new web series “Half Minute Comedy.”

While Keith Sims and Tashina Southard are the executive producers, UNA seniors Austin Parsons and Javarice Moody and UNA graduate Cody Hopper produce and write the series.

Parsons said the series is in the same format as “Half Minute Horror,” although it focuses on comedy instead.

“It’s been fun but also challenging to find the punchline in 30 seconds,” he said. “I believe that these 30-second long videos will make us better at comedic timing which is very difficult on film.”

Parsons said he thought of doing this while working with “Half Minute Horror.”

“I had played around with the idea, and my roommate and co-producer, Java Moody, said we needed to pitch the idea,” he said. “Keith Sims and Tashina Southard of “Half Minute Horror” liked the idea and gave us the green light to go.”

The group will release a video each Thursday for a year. They released the first video Oct. 20.

“People can expect that they will receive a little bit of humor every week, but comedy is subjective, so if we don’t get you laughing this week, we are trying again next week,” Parsons said.

The videos are relateable, said sophomore Dru Everett Sizemore.

“It feels like you are watching the life of someone who is extremely unlucky,” Sizemore said.

Sims said he has “high hopes” for the series.

“I think the overall response (so far) has been very positive, and I believe it will become a great success,” he said. “We’re courting notions of shopping both series to perspective outlets. Amazon Video is a very good possibility right now, as well as Netflix.”

Sizemore said they would watch any new videos.

“It plays into a realistic humor,” they said. “So far, the scenes in the videos are things which can happen to anyone. I really enjoy that.”

Parson said they have great writers and actors which help make the videos interesting.

“It’s a family of talented people, in front of and behind the camera, and we are fortunate that everyone is on board for this awesome journey ahead,” he said.

Sims said it has been enjoyable watching the students’ growth.

“As executive producers, we usually front any costs and help direct the production to keep on time and budget, but most of the responsibility is on them,” he said. “It’s been a good deal of fun seeing them having to learn to produce in a real-world scenario and having to work with deadlines, schedules, stories and production.”

Sims said the series will continue even when Moody and Parsons graduate.

“Once the students graduate, we’re going to transition their roles to more active or they will court additional up-coming students to fill in their positions,” he said “Most of (the students) are seniors, some have already graduated, and they have expressed a desire to stay on and continue the work.”

Parsons said the crew is volunteer based, and they welcome any help.

“If you are willing to be on set for a couple hours, hit us up on our Facebook page,” he said. “We want to make this as good as it can be, and any help we get can help us reach that goal.”

Anyone interested in watching the videos can find them on their Facebook or YouTube page.