Event brings students together from around the world

Dayeon Jang writes guest names in Korean at “Passport to the World.” The event featured international students and their cultures.   

The Office of International Affairs hosted “Passport to the World” Nov. 18 at the Guillot University Center Banquet Hall, and participants had the chance to travel the world.

The event featured international students and their cultures. The students introduced their fellow American students to their native foods, dances and music.

Freshmen Cayman Gardner attended the event. He said he enjoyed the diversity of the food at the event.

“My favorite food was the Indian dry yellow rice,” he said.

Gardner said he also enjoyed the Korean students fantastic squid pancakes.

“The pancake texture was soft and moist,” he said. “The squid was tough and it was a nice contrast.”

Throughout the evening, international students performed on stage. Two Japanese girls sang “For the First Time in Forever” from “Frozen” in Japanese.

Japanese students also taught participants how to create origami at one of their booth.

Some of the professors participated in a talent show. Coordinator for International Student Success Cala Flippo and her husband served internationally as missionaries for years in Africa. Flippo and her husband sang native songs and demonstrated dances from Africa.

Many of the community members at the event were interested in being host families for the international students after spending time with them at the event.

“I’m glad we were able to get many people interested in the event and our international students,” Flippo said. “I hope that there were connections between the students made.”