YouTuber’s Netflix series is full of “dry humor”

YouTube sensation Colleen Ballinger stars in the new Netflix original series “Haters Back Off.” I decided to watch the first episode to see if I would enjoy it.

The series focuses on the life of Miranda Sings, an untalented, comical teen pursuing fame by posting YouTube videos.

The first episode begins with Miranda belting out the infamous Broadway classic “Defying Gravity” in her nasally voice. In the meantime, her Uncle Jim presents a plan for Miranda to become a star.

Miranda’s family is incredibly dysfunctional. Her mother, an extreme hypochondriac, told Miranda anything she wanted to hear to avoid a tantrum from her daughter. For example, Miranda’s mom repeatedly praises her and regards her as a star, even though this is obviously false. Emily, Miranda’s sister, seems to be the only reasonable character on the show. As for Uncle Jim, he lives with the girls and works at a fish store, though he rarely does his job.

After Miranda and Uncle Jim load her video to YouTube, the family waits to see how the Internet responds.

Another noteworthy character is Patrick, who is obsessed with Miranda. Patrick proceeds to repetitively view Miranda’s video to amplify her views.

Emily seemed to have common sense that the others of the family did not possess. I was wrong.

Emily commented negatively on Miranda’s video which only fueled the paranoia that inhabited Miranda’s brain. Miranda believed the viewer, Emily (who wrote the comment under a disguised username), had the intention of killing her.

Uncle Jim was certain that Miranda needed a bodyguard to protect her from the “killer.” Patrick vowed to protect her from the danger, and he stood on guard with swords ready if needed.

As I continued to watch “Haters Back Off,” I tried to remain unbiased even though I find this type of comedy unenjoyable.

The next plan Uncle Jim had for Miranda was to film a commercial in the fish store where he worked. A series of events occurred, leading to unfortunate results for Jim. If there was a point in which I laughed while watching the Netflix series, it was during these events.

Ballinger is, indeed, the first YouTuber to land a series on Netflix. This is no small task, so kudos to her for successfully transitioning from Internet stardom to a Netflix series of her own.

Although I giggled a couple of times while watching the series, overall, I found “Haters Back Off” to be annoying and crude. Miranda is not a likable character, and her family was silly.

I would not indulge in another episode myself, but for those who enjoy dry humor, “Haters Back Off” is definitely a viable option.