District attorney recalls rape charge against student

The Lauderdale County district attorney recalled rape charges against freshman Tyree Pickett, but the investigation will continue.

The recall allowed Pickett to be released, said Chief of University Police Kevin Gillilan.

However, he is still banned and suspended from campus. This will continue until the Office of Student Conduct completes their own investigation, he said.

Once UNA police complete their investigation, they will present the case to the grand jury, Gillilan said.

UNA police is also conducting an investigation into an assault on Pickett, which occurred in the parking deck on campus after the initial incident, he said.

“When the initial incident happened, apparently there were some UNA students that found out about it and took matters into their own hands,” he said. “That’s why you see the injuries that are shown in the mugshot — the bruised eye, the swollen eye. I don’t know what his specific injuries were other than that.”

The police have not confirmed the suspects were students, but they appear to be, Gillilan said.

“So, now what we’ve got to do is we’ve got to pull the footage from the parking deck, identify all the people that were involved, and if Mr. Pickett wishes to prosecute them, we have to pursue that as well,” Gillilan said. “Mr. Pickett has indicated that he does wish to pursue prosecution.”