Graffiti violates Code of Student Conduct

Students work to clean chalk graffiti off the Commons Oct. 31.

An array of sidewalk chalk with political propaganda on walkways and buildings  across campus greeted students early Oct. 31.

Political slogans such as “Hillary for Prison” and “Trump approves this wall” filled the bricks on the Art Building. In other areas, chalk extended from the Commons Building to parts of the Science and Technology Building.

Chalk graffiti is not vandalism because it doesn’t do any permanent damage, but it does violate the Code of Student Conduct, said UNA Chief of Police Kevin Gillilan.

Any use of chalk on campus needs approval beforehand, and any violation of this goes through student conduct, Gillilan said.

“This isn’t the first time we have had (students expressing themselves using chalk),” Gillilan said. “Maintenance has already been called to clean up art in the parking deck on multiple occasions.”

Gillilan said Grounds Maintenance went to work immediately trying to remove the chalk graffiti.

“I’m glad it’s just chalk, but it creates work for people who have other things they could be doing,” Gillilan said.“If students desire to (express themselves), be courteous of those who have to clean this mess up. Partner with a campus organization, and use your art skills for good.”

When students choose to write various slogans on university property, they need to remember the image they are sending since many non-students visit UNA’s campus, Gillilan said.

The graffiti gives students a chance to have a laugh in between classes, said sophomore Alex Hughes.

“It definitely isn’t something that looks professional, but it’s all in good fun,” Hughes said. “I feel like it represents what most of the student body is thinking.”