SGA continues to make progress on goals

Bella Martinez

The Student Government Association established four overall goals for the 2016-17 school year. For each meeting, University Program Council and Senate have put these goals up in clear view to keep them in center focus.

The first goal is to connect students to campus resources. This goal is being fulfilled through the President’s Cabinet, and SGA President Sarah Green has taken this responsibility. The President’s Cabinet consists of each president of the on-campus registered student organizations.

The cabinet meets once every month to discuss upcoming events their respective RSOs are hosting. The group also discusses any issues or concerns they have directly with the Executive Committee of SGA. UPC is hosting the upcoming Health Fair Nov. 17, which also helps accomplish this goal.

The second goal is to increase school spirit and student involvement. This goal is one that our programming council has advanced tremendously through events such as the annual homecoming pep rally. In fact, I believe this year’s homecoming week has been the most fun for me since coming to UNA. We also had some new events, like the Arx Mortis “Are You Afraid of Getting Involved?” event.

One event that really stood out to me this past week is how the student section was completely packed full against Shorter Oct. 15. The student section is actually on the home side this year, which I believe is a huge success because of the work of our SGA, especially President Green and Immediate Past President Nick Lang.

Student involvement is a goal I believe we are fulfilling, especially through the work of our webmaster, Derrick Flynn. Flynn is currently working on our SGA website and has rebranded SGA. He also has created a social media sub-committee that controls the SGA Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat.

Our third goal is to be good stewards of our financial resources. This is a goal every branch of SGA is mindful of. Senate chose to go through every line item in the SGA budget to see exactly what each dollar goes toward.

Another occurrence that really stands out is how up-to-date the budget is at every meeting, which is all due to the work of Treasurer Nikki Mathews.

The fourth goal we have set as your SGA is to enhance campus beautification. This goal is currently being pursued through many different SGA members. The university is conducting research on many parts of campus, including an area behind Keller, the benches at the Memorial Amphitheater as well as possible renovations on the second floor of the Guillot University Center.

SGA is always looking for ways to better our organization and to serve you better. Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns.