5 websites to buy cheap textbooks

Every semester brings a new round of classes requiring textbooks. Some students are lucky enough to not have a mandatory one, but others have to search for cheap textbooks.

I searched 10 websites and bookstores to find the best deal for textbooks. I took one textbook from each basic subject and found them and their prices at these locations. The result for the top five list comes from this search.

1. Valore Books

Valore Books is in first place because it offers some of the lowest prices for textbooks. After looking at multiple books between this website, Amazon and others, the prices, both with renting and buying, tend to be cheaper here.

Students can find a majority of the textbooks they need for school on this website. If students are unable to find a specific edition, they might be able to find a previous version.

Valore Books does not offer a free shipping deal.

2. Amazon

Amazon is number two on the list because students can find any textbook they need at different prices within the website. While other websites have this feature, Amazon tends to have more options.

Amazon is a good starting place to find a cheap textbook for renting or buying. However, they do not always have the cheapest option.

Amazon offers college students six months of Amazon Prime for free. The Prime account allows students to get free two-day shipping on all purchases. So, if students need their textbooks within a couple of days, Amazon Prime is the best option.

The shipping for books is $3.99. Students can receive free shipping if the order is over either $25 or $49. The lower price depends on if the items are available through Prime.

3. Chegg

Chegg comes in third place because the website offers average prices for books compared to other sites.

Students can find any textbook on the website, but the prices tend to be higher than Amazon or Valore Books. However, some textbooks are cheaper here.

The shipping is $3.99. However, if a student has an order $50 or over, they can receive free shipping.

4. Facebook

The Facebook Exchange Group is number four on the list because while it has cheap prices, students might not be able to find the books they are looking for. Students can ask if others have a certain book, but some never get a response. In order for students to join, a student already in the group must add them.

The prices are fair here because other students are willing to barter. Some of the students want the book gone and do not care about the price, as long as it is not too low.

There are no shipping costs involved in buying books here. Most students meet with the buyer in person to exchange. Students tend to sell their books directly after finals, so people can purchase the book from the buyer on campus. This also allows the students to see the product in person before they hand over the money.

5. Abe Books

Abe Books comes in fifth place because students might not be able to find the textbook they are looking for, but when they do, it will be at a low price.

This website is better for students who want to buy textbooks which are not the current edition. Students can only find old editions of books here.

The shipping for books here depends on where the book is from. Some places might have free shipping, whereas others can be $3.00.

While these websites offer good deals, students should always do their own research. These places can be a starting point.