Head student orientation counselor “loves helping others”

Jocelyn Barnes is the 2016-17 head SOAR counselor. “I’m so proud of her for accomplishing all of these things that she’s doing,” said SGA President Sarah Green.

Every summer, incoming students have the opportunity to have an in-depth tour of UNA’s campus during the Student Orientation, Advisement and Registration sessions.

With the help of the SOAR counselors, potential students learn more about the campus than during a normal tour. The team leader for the SOAR counselors ensures they have good training and teamwork.

This year, Jocelyn Barnes takes the mantle of head SOAR counselor.

“I love helping others,” Barnes said. “I am an encourager for my friends and for my team members.”

Barnes is a good listener and is intuitive, said Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs Tammy Jacques.

“She may seem quiet at first, but she is paying attention to the environment around her and soaking in the information she hears and learns from others,” Jacques said. “She likes to have fun with her peers but knows when it is time to take care of business.”

Most people would not know she is naturally an introvert, said Student Government Association President and Barnes’ best friend Sarah Green.

“She doesn’t always have to be in the spotlight,” she said. “I guess you would call her an extrovert-introvert because of all of the activities she is in.”

When Barnes is not fulfilling her duties as a SOAR counselor, she participates in other activities.

Barnes is the 2016-17 Miss UNA. She is also in Student Government Association and a member of Greek organization Phi Mu.

Barnes said reading is her favorite activity.

“I love to read a good romance novel,” she said. “Sarah and I actually started a routine last year where we bought a book we liked and gave to the other. It’s been really interesting so far. Not only have I learned more about her, but I’ve also been exposed to new ideas.”

Barnes said Green has been there for her since their sophomore year.

Green said they met in the Guillot University Center.

“We were sitting at the tables, just us two, and we were both eating SubConnection,” Green said. “Somehow, we got into this really deep discussion. We just became really good friends after that point.”

Green said she is proud of Barnes for achieving her goals.

“I remember when we were sophomores talking about all we wanted to do, and it’s amazing to see that we’re at that point now,” she said. “I’m so proud of her for accomplishing all of these things that she’s doing.”