SRC offers recreational exercise classes

The Student Recreation Center, located off Pine Street, awaits students with a valid Mane Card. The SRC offers exercise classes to the interest of various students.

Between schoolwork, exams and maintaining an active social life, college students may find it difficult to keep their personal health and wellness in shape.

Located off Pine Street on UNA’s campus is the three-story Student Recreation Center. The ground floor of the SRC is where students can find the 2,516 square foot fitness center. The SRC offers group exercise classes every semester, which gives students an opportunity to be physically active when taking a break from their studies.

From Zumba to hardcore cardio workouts, the SRC offers a variety of classes allowing every student an opportunity to maintain their personal health and wellness while in college. The courses to choose from include: Cross Fitness, Yoga, Ab Attack, Zumba, Yoga, HIIT, Dance Fit, Cycling and Butts and Guts. Times and dates vary each semester, but these classes are generally available from 6:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

These classes are available to full time students, and there are no additional charges for exercise classes, only the initial recreation fee that students cover when paying tuition.

Cross Fitness is a high-intensity class, for those who are interested in cardio and strength training, while High Intensity Interval Training, or HITT, is for more advanced training, said fitness coordinator Glenda Richey.

Zumba combines rhythm and coordination with hypnotic Latin music and easy-to-follow moves for those looking for more of a dance oriented workout.

Zumba is a favorite among students, said sophomore Stephanie Willis.

“I enjoy Zumba because it’s more like a fun dance class and not a boring workout class,” Willis said.

Dance Fit is a fun and energetic class that strengthens leg muscles and endurance skills, said Dance Fit instructor Courtney Turner. Turner said the other classes are cycling, a cardio workout dealing with speed, power, intensity and technique and Butts and Guts, which focuses on improving the muscles of the lower body and abdominal area.

The instructors of each class make it their aim to cater to all students, even those who are not experienced in working out, Turner said.

“It’s a great way to get your physical activity in, and you get to do what you enjoy with great people who also enjoy it just as much as you do,” she said. “You get to build those lifelong friendships. I met one of my best friends through Dance Fit, and I am thankful for the class and those I share it with.”

If a student is interested in the fitness program courses, they should first speak with fitness coordinator Glenda Richey to learn more about each class, Richey said.

“We offer a variety of classes Monday through Friday and cater to college students’ unique schedules,” Richey said.

Most all of the exercise class instructors are students at UNA, in participating in these classes, students have the opportunity to meet their peers, Richey said.

“Our instructors are very knowledgeable, energetic, fun and have great music,” she said. “I like these classes because you don’t have to create your own workout. Just go and follow the instructor’s workout, and that’s all there is to it.”

Not only are SRC classes a way to unwind after classes, but they are also a good learning experience, said junior Lindsey Monroe.

“I love the health class,” Monroe said. “I (go to) the SRC because as an elementary education major, it is important to show our students how to live a healthy lifestyle. This class is modeling that for us.”