Environmentally safe cleaning product better overall

In order to see if I could still protect the Earth while also having a clean room, I did a comparison between a harsh cleaning product and an environmentally friendly one.

To test these two cleaning supplies, I taped off an area on my desk and made a mess that I knew would not be permanent. I used a Hawaiian Punch Fruit Juicy Red flavor pack to create the mess, which is a common item I use.

To test out the effectiveness, I sprayed the stained area six times with each product and let it sit for one minute each during the two rounds.

Formula 409 All Purpose Cleaner – $2.88

When shopping for products, I always look at the price first and then the name. I expected this to be more expensive because it is a name-brand product. While it was more expensive than some of the products I saw, it was still a decent price.

There were two versions of this product available, but I decided to go with the lemon fresh version. I thought the other one would smell like chemicals, so I went with the one that might cover that scent. However, once I did use the product, the lingering scent made me sneeze.

The first time I used this product, the spray immediately cut through the stain. I could see the effects even before the minute was over. When I sprayed it the second time, through, it removed a majority of the stain. While there was still a slight redness, it was mostly gone.

Evolve Multi-Clean – $2.28

I noticed the price first when it came to this product. Normally, when people talk about environmentally friendly or healthy products, they tend to be more expensive than items that are bad for the environment. This was one of the cheaper cleaning sprays, and I was pleasantly surprised.

This spray has no scent added to it, so I did not know what it would smell like. Unlike other products, which use harsher chemicals, there was no underlying chemical scent. It did not even smell like water. This product is great for people who have allergies or sensitive noses.

When I first used this spray, it made the stain lighter than before. While it did not cut through like the 409 did, it still lifted some of the stain. When I sprayed it for the second time, there was no difference. It still looked as if I only sprayed it for those first six times. This only worked effectively after several applications.


The overall winner is Evolve Multi-Clean. Not only can people buy it at a cheap price, but also it is great for everyday use. While it does not get the job done as quickly as Formula 409, it is safer for pets and humans. Students should only use Formula 409 if they come across a deep stain they need to remove immediately or an old stain.