Fashion Forum participates in Fashion Week

Fashion Forum, a Registered Student Organization intermingling fashion and community service on campus, is preparing for Fashion Week Alabama happening in Huntsville March 1-5. Members of the organization will attend the event March 4 and 5.

During Fashion Week Alabama, Fashion Forum members will assist models backstage and local designers in Alabama. Fashion Forum members will also work with Mychael Knight, a Montgomery native and season three Project Runway contestant who has designed looks for Toni Braxton, Khloe Kardashian and Jennifer Hudson.

“We volunteered last season at Fashion Weekend Alabama, which was a condensed version of what is now Fashion Week Alabama,” said senior Amber Lyons, Fashion Forum president and Fashion Merchandising major. “I am looking forward to working with the Alabama Fashion Alliance for an extended period of time this season and improving upon my skills as a fashion major.”

The Alabama Fashion Alliance is an all-volunteer group of professionals, community leaders and business owners working together for the common goal of uniting and advancing the fashion and fashion art industries — locally, statewide and nationally, according to their website.

The AFA created Fashion Week Alabama in 2011 in an effort to inspire designers and Fashion Merchandising students to share their talents and designs with one another and with the general public, according to their mission statement.

Lyons is no stranger to the fashion world, she said.

“I’ve worked in retail for years,” she said. “I recently worked with local designer Nicole Huckaboom and her brand Nicole Nicole Clothing and Design. Immediately after graduation, I will be interning at Ix Style Inc., a sandal company in New York City that donates clean water to Guatemalan communities in need with every shoe purchase.”

Lyons became the Fashion Forum president in 2015 after serving as an active member of the organization for three years.

“Fashion Forum allows fashion majors and students on campus interested in fashion who may not even be fashion majors an outlet to volunteer at events and shows throughout the state of Alabama,” she said.

Members meet every first Wednesday of the month at 4 p.m. in the Stone Lodge.

Lyons said Fashion Forum welcomes new members throughout the school year.

“I joined Fashion Forum so I could be around people with the same interests on campus,” said junior and Fashion Forum Vice President Courtney Moore. “Fashion Forum has exposed me to fashion events that are happening right here in our area.”

In addition to Fashion Week Alabama, members participate in seasonal service projects throughout the school year. Last semester, they took part in Little Dresses for Africa.

Little Dresses for Africa is an event allowing all members to create pillowcase dresses for young girls in African communities in need, Lyons said.

Members have also held events on campus raising donations and awareness for TOMS shoes.

Fashion Forum is beneficial to students who are interested in fashion, said senior Claire Eagle.

“As someone who works in retail, I encourage students who may be interested in fashion to join in on the fun,” Eagle said. “I wouldn’t miss out on an opportunity to meet amazing designers from across the state.”

For more information regarding service projects, events and membership, contact Amber Lyons at [email protected]