App offers access to entire Netflix database

Netflix allows viewers to watch multiple movies and TV shows but only from their country.

The Smartflix app, which is only for computers, allows Netflix members to access every country’s catalog.

Based on my experience with the app, it is a great concept, but it needs more work.

Despite these exciting features and movies available, it disappointed me. When I tried to watch a movie, which was from another country, it would not play. Instead, it gave me an error message.

This message implied that I could not access the movies from other countries. I can still watch movies or TV shows members can find in America’s catalog, but in a lower quality.

I found Smartflix while scrolling through Tumblr. When I first read the description, it shocked me. I thought, “This is too good to be true.” Nevertheless, I clicked on the website link.

In order to use Smartflix, users must have a Netflix account. If they do not, Smartflix allows users the opportunity to make a Netflix account.

The price for the product is a good deal. It is currently free since the app is in beta mode. After the developers fix the problems, it will cost $2.99. When I combine the Netflix subscription and the Smartflix subscription, I will pay $10.98 a month.

As of right now, the app is for Windows users only. There was no download button for Macs. However, the developers might change this. The downloading process was quick and simple.

The expansive catalog offers choices members in America might not see for a while. “Inside Out” is available on Smartflix, but it is only available on Netflix in Canada. This means I do not have to buy my favorite movies on DVD.

While the catalog has movies from multiple countries, Canada, the Netherlands and Japan have the most. I was able to find some of my favorite movies like “Sucker Punch,” “Charlie Bartlett” and “Donnie Darko.”

An interesting feature Smartflix has, which Netflix does not, is the ability to see the “Rotten Tomatoes” score. When I hovered over the movies, it showed this score, its IMDB score and a description.

If the support team can fix this problem, I will keep the product. After looking at their Facebook page, some people have access to other countries catalogs, while others do not.

It would be great to have access to these different movies and shows, but as long as this does not work it is not worth using.