Top 4 movies to watch over the break

Associate Life Editor Monday Sanderson’s No. 1 pick

Some students will go to the beach or other fun places for spring break, but others will spend their week off at home. Watching movies is one of the best ways to spend this time. While some of these movies have reused plot points, some are perfect examples of spring break.

Honorable mention goes to the thriller movie “Piranha 3D.” It is a spring break movie that follows the classic horror movie formula. The plot is reused, but it is good to get jumps out of friends.

Dishonorable mention goes to the musical “From Justin to Kelly.” This acting is cringe-worthy and the singing is annoying.

1. Spring Breakdown (2009) ­— “Spring Breakdown” is a comedy featuring comedic heavyweights Jane Lynch and Amy Poehler. The movie follows three “uncool” women on their first spring break. The main character’s name is Becky, and she must follow her boss’s daughter on spring break. Becky’s two friends decide to follow her on this trip, and the rest of the movie follows their antics. This movie is my No. 1 pick because it is hilarious. The audience can tell the actors are not taking themselves seriously, and that is the point. It is a movie the audience can lose themselves in. My favorite part is when one of the characters offers free keychains to the college students and the students go crazy.

2. Spring Breakers (2012) — The movie stars Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson as college students who decide to rob a bank to go on spring break. After the police arrest them, a drug dealer bails them out. While the plot is ridiculous, it has an interesting spin on spring break. This movie shows the length some people will take to do different things and to be someone different. It answers the question, “What if I did all the crazy activities I thought about?” This is why I gave it the second spot. It is good to watch for fun and to watch Disney stars act differently than normal. While I do not have a favorite part, I did enjoy some of the music which the producers featured on the soundtrack.

3. Scooby – Doo (2002) In their first live-action film, Scooby-Doo and the gang reunite to solve a mystery on Spooky Island during spring break. The group must solve the mystery revolving around the island, which includes demons and wrestlers. This movie comes in third because it has an interesting plot, but I did not know it took place during spring break. The audience can only tell when the gang first gets to the island, but after this point, the audience can forget this detail. However, I do find this movie enjoyable. My favorite part of the movie is when the souls of each character swap bodies. It is a funny scene that provides interesting character dynamics.

4. Girl Happy (1965) This Elvis Presley rom-com is a whimsical product of its time. The movie is a basic romance story. Presley’s character, Rusty, must shadow his boss’s daughter, Valerie. While they start to develop feelings for each other, Valerie discovers her dad is paying Rusty to be near her, so she decides to date a womanizer. Despite the simple plot, the movie can be interesting for people who like musicals. Since this is an Elvis Presley movie, the producers showcased his singing any chance they could. While some of the songs were annoying, it was still enjoyable to listen to the singers. This movie earned the fourth place spot because of its simple plot, but it still showcases the fun of spring break.