Letter to the Editor: SGA officers will work hard during leadership transition

Adam McCollum

SGA Elections for the 2016-17 school year are complete, your new officers have been chosen and in a little less than two months the current team will pass on the torch of leadership. We’ve entered into what is considered in politics, “Lame Duck Season.”

It’s that time of transition where a whole lot of “nothing” often gets accomplished. I call it “failure to finish.” It is easy to be passionate at the beginning. Momentum is strong, students are excited and you have that feeling of standing on top of the world.

Yet, the beginning is not what defines leaders or anyone for that matter. Leaders are forged near the finish line. A great team will step in April 21, and the old will step out. However, I give you my word that this current leadership team will finish what we started.

Hold us accountable. We signed a contract with the student body for a full year, and that is what you will get from us. These next two months will not be our “Lame Duck Season.” It’ll be our Swan Song.