UPC vice president-elect shares passion for fashion

University Program Council Vice President-elect Nick Smith talks to students in his office March 14. Smith is a Hospitality Management major and works to plan events for student life on campus.

The University Program Council Vice President-elect Nick Smith is a man of colorful outfits that match his colorful personality.

He can sing, dance, cheer, plan a party and an outfit to match.

Smith’s creativity flows into his work and his wardrobe, said UPC Vice President Adam McCollum in an email.

“Some of his costume or clothing pieces he has worn make you stop, scratch your head and wonder, ‘What is that?’” McCollum said. “There was this particular pair of pants that he wore one day that left many of us in (Student Government Association) confused. He’s definitely creative.”

SGA President-elect Sarah Green said Smith has a great sense of style, and she often seeks out his fashion advice.

Recently, she needed help picking out a costume for a toga party her sorority (Phi Mu) was having, Green said.

“I had no clue what me and my date were going to be,” she said. “So Nick had to pick it out for us. I had to FaceTime him while I was in Walmart, and he picked out all of our fabrics for us.”

Not only does Nick help pick out date party outfits, he often attends them himself, Green said.

“Nick tries to go to every single sorority’s date parties and formals,” she said. “I think that’s truly his goal, is to go every formal.”

Smith’s passion for fashion is not the only thing he is passionate about, McCollum said.

“(Smith) has a lot of UNA spirit,” McCollum said. “He brings a lot of energy with him.”

Smith carried his positive energy all the way to Haiti, said Assistant Director of Student Engagement Bethany Green.

Green and Smith spent two weeks together with a group in Haiti through the university’s Alternative Breaks program, and she said she would gladly travel with Smith again.

“He adapted so well to the conditions, and it was very easy to complain,” she said.

Smith maintained a positive attitude even though conditions included no running water, Oliver said.

The group fed off Smith’s positivity, and it created a wonderful dynamic, she said.

They focused on community development projects like teaching English to the adults in the community and repairing buildings, Oliver said.

The children in the community loved Smith, she said.

When Smith is not extending his hand to those in need, he is extending it to those around campus, Smith said.

“I’m an extrovert,” he said. “You’ll always see me on campus smiling. I just want (students) to know I’m very approachable.”

Smith enjoys singing to anything with a good beat, hip-hop dancing and painting, he said.

Smith’s dance moves are something to be envied, Green said.

“This boy dances all of the time, and he’s always making up new dances,” she said.

Green and Smith used to be high school cheerleaders, and they are not letting the cheer life go just yet, Green said.

“We make up cheer routines and pretend to stunt,” she said. “We pretend like we’re still cheerleaders.”

Smith is a hospitality management major and wants to be an event planner and an interior designer, he said.

Being the UPC Vice President will help him get experience in event planning, he said.

“Programming is something that I really want to do when I get out into the real world, since I’m a hospitality management major,” Smith said. “That’s my niche. That’s what I like to do.”

And he does it well. Smith is the life of the party amongst other things, Green said.

“Nick Smith is a very hard worker,” she said. “He’s really easy to get along with. He’s a fun person to be around. He’s just someone you’re naturally drawn to.”