RSO offers students chance to unwind

Freshman Emma Moothart practices a stitch at a recent meeting of The Knitting Club at Unraveled in downtown Florence. The Registered Student Organization meets upstairs in the Guillot University Center every Thursday from 3-4 p.m.

When the stress of college life hits, students need time to unravel.

Freshman Emma Moothart and twin sister Chloe started a knitting club in an effort to relax students through a soothing hobby.

The Registered Student Organization The Knitting Club started in Emma and Chloe Moothart’s residence hall room after they decided to invite their friends on campus to watch movies and work on new knitting projects.

The group has grown to over 20 members and meets upstairs in the Guillot University Center every Thursday from 3-4 p.m.

“Everyone thinks of old ladies when they think of knitting, but after doing it, you fall in love,” said club President Chloe Moothart.

The club is currently working on service projects for Children’s of Alabama in Birmingham and local nursing homes in the Florence community.

Unraveled, a knitting store at 215 N. Court St. in Florence, partnered with The Knitting Club in November 2015. Unraveled provides monthly lessons and teaches members how to knit hats, scarves and socks. Unraveled also provides members with a 10 percent discount on yarn.

Reaching out to UNA students has been rewarding, said owner of Unraveled Anna Carbine.

“It’s been great to watch them learn how to knit and see the club desire to take part in something typically considered as an older generation’s hobby,” Carbine said.

Knitting in college helped relieve stress, said UNA alumna and Marketing Agent for Unraveled Christina Hernandez.

“Typically, knitting is a therapeutic art,” Hernandez said. “For me, I even knitted in college, and it was just that one little thing that allowed me to get away from the stress of life and class work.”

Freshman member Will Middleton encourages men on campus to join.

“It’s no different being a guy and being in a knitting club,” Middleton said. “I’ve met new people and enjoyed it.”

Having this new organization on campus has been inspiring, said the RSO’s adviser Monica Marthaler.

“Seeing their enthusiasm has motivated me as a knitter to try new things,” Marthaler said.

It sounds like a fun addition to campus, said junior Jessica Fletcher.

“If they teach how to knit, I would join,” she said.

For more information regarding membership and future service projects, contact Emma Moothart at [email protected]