by News Editor Anna Beahm

Student Government Association held an event called “Meat the Candidates” where students could meet the SGA officer candidates and learn more about their platforms Feb. 17.

Juniors Sarah Green and Jose Figueroa-Cifuentes are on the SGA Presidential ballot.

Both candidates said they think the biggest issue students and SGA will face next school year is communication.

To solve this problem, Green said she will establish a president’s cabinet. She said she will invite the president of each RSO to sit on her cabinet.

Figueroa-Cifuentes said he will send delegates from each branch to RSO meetings to talk to students about SGA and hear student concerns.

Green said she thinks her experience as roommate and chief of staff of former SGA president Kekoria Greer has prepared her for the presidency.

“I got to see what her day-to-day schedule was like,” she said. “I am willing to give up everything to be SGA president. My schedule is not as important as being SGA president.”

Figueroa-Cifuentes said the first initiative he will begin if elected is bringing more vegetarian-friendly dining options to students.

“A lot of vegetarians had to stop because being vegetarians because there are limited options for them,” he said.

He also said he wants to work with the city so students can use their dining dollars at downtown restaurants.

Green said her first initiative will be appointing a chief of staff, going to Higher Education Day and establishing her president’s cabinet.

Elections are Feb. 22-24. Go to to vote online or vote in Towers Hall or the Commons.