Aquila Theatre Company performs Romeo and Juliet

Smoky lights and the sound of dripping water greeted the audience in Norton Auditorium as the Aquila Theatre Company began their performance of the popular Shakespearean play, “Romeo and Juliet” at 7 p.m. Feb. 9.

The company is known for having minimalistic costumes and scenes, and it is seen in this play.

“It was amazing what they could do with just a few boxes,” said Senior Administrative Assistant of Education Jennifer Murray. “They created multiple scenes by just propping one or two up.”

Five actors performed in the play, with some having multiple roles.

“This is the smallest amount of performers we have seen in one of their plays,” said Instructional Technology Engineer Sarah Murray. “However, with this small cast, they were able to do so much.”

Murray said she has seen the company perform for the past seven years.

For some people, this was their first time seeing a live production of Shakespeare.

“I thought the play was incredible,” said sophomore Kaitlynn Jones. “It was a very contemporary take on this classic.”

There were many enjoyable parts of the play, said sophomore Kristin Newby.

“The death scenes were my favorite,” Newby said. “They were so dramatic, and I just got so into it.”

The Aquila Theatre Company is a traveling group and will perform “Romeo and Juliet” in 22 more cities.