Deadpool beats expectations

My friends and I went to Carmike Regency 12 Friday afternoon to watch Deadpool and it was worth the trip.

There has been plenty of hype about the first R-Rated superhero movie, and Deadpool lives up to this marketing.

Going into the theater I had high expectations, but since I didn’t know much about Deadpool I had an open mind. The trailers caught my interest, so I made sure to learn the basics of this character. Learning about the character made me even more excited. The movie exceeded my expectations.

From the action all the way to the many references, Deadpool was worth the money.

First, a disclaimer. This movie is not for kids. It definitely earned its R rating. There were boobs, butts, blood and more. The producers did not hold back.

The film opens with a frozen screenshot of an overturned car, bodies in different directions and bullets just about to hit their target. There were no names in the opening sequence, only witty descriptions. Stan Lee, the creator of most Marvel comics, was even written in as “The Expected Cameo.” Once the movie started, the audience saw Wade Wilson, also known as Deadpool, on the car ride to the fight scene from the trailers.

Instead of following a linear story path, the movie jumps between the present and the past. As the audience looks into Wilson’s past, we see how he became Deadpool and how he received his name. In the present, we see him in his quest for revenge.

As seen in the trailers, two X-Men join Deadpool in his fight. While they do bring some muscle, they also provide a good sounding board for some of Deadpool’s jokes. However, Deadpool does not need any other characters to be funny.

Deadpool obliterates the fourth wall, which is the barrier which separates the performer from the audience. He can never stay in his own world. He must interact with the audience. This happens from the very beginning with he narrates his origin story and speaks to the camera. This happens throughout the entire film and never stops being funny.

As with most Marvel movies, the main villain is slightly forgettable. However, he does have some qualities which makes him interesting. We get a slight backstory for him, and it explains his character well.

There were no real faults to the movie. Although, it was disturbing when the bad guys stabbed or shot Deadpool. Some of these close-ups were unnecessary.

Of course, there is an after credits scene which is worth staying for.

This movie is great because it didn’t take itself seriously. It poked fun at itself and at other superhero films. It had great jokes, great action and interesting characters. I will be buying this movie when it comes out on DVD.