Recreational swimming no longer available on campus

The university pool in Flowers Hall will no longer be open for recreational swimming after Feb. 25.

The pool is closing due to a low volume of usage, said Director of the Student Recreation Center Jim Eubanks in an email.

“For January and February we had 14 individuals utilize the pool and 18 visits to (the) pool,” Eubanks said.

He said the pool also had low usage last semester, but the number of visitors was high enough to continue recreational swimming for the beginning of the spring semester.

“For fall, we had 180 different individuals utilize the pool and 611 total visits to the pool,” Eubanks said.

Sophomore Taylor Hogan said he is not in favor of the decision to close the pool.

“I see, that yes, the costs of having it open outweighs the enjoyment students gain out of it, but, even for the low volume of attendance it is still being utilized and enjoyed by those that do take advantage of all the great services UNA offers to its students,” Hogan said.

The decision did not affect the use of the pool for the university’s swim team, said Adviser Gigi Broadway.

“We do not having anything to do with that part,” Broadway said. “The swim club will be able to practice evenings now, but it is a bummer that (the pool) didn’t get more interest.”