Third party presidential candidates

Mike Bloomberg

Party: Mike Bloomberg is running as an independent.

Education:Push vocational education. Ban the use of cell phones in public schools. Replace school board with direct mayoral control.

Health care: Obesity kills more people than smoking; limit portion size. Ban trans-fats and replace with fruit and vegetable vendors. Pay-for-prevention health care plan toward goal of universal coverage.

Civil Rights: Co-chaired “Mayors for the Freedom to Marry” effort. “If there’s discrimination against blacks, there’ll be discrimination against Jews and everyone else.” Supports gun control.

Gary Johnson

Party: Libertarian Party, “America’s third largest and fastest growing political party, engaging in a variety of projects, working for everyone’s liberty on every issue.”

Education: No student loans; they cause higher tuition. End the Department of Education. Supports evolution without federal involvement.

Health care: Block grant Medicare; carte blanche to the states. ObamaCare is unconstitutional, as is Bush’s Medicare Rx plan. More federal funding for rural health services.

Civil rights: Supports separation of religion and state. Prostitution is safer when legal and regulated. Supports gay union and principles embodied in the Equal Rights Amendment.

Jill Stein

Party: Green party, “We are grassroots activists, environmentalists, advocates for social justice, nonviolent resisters and regular citizens who’ve had enough of corporate-dominated politics.”

Education: “Abolish student debt to free a generation of Americans from debt servitude. Guarantee tuition-free, world-class public education from pre-school through university. End high stakes testing and public school privatization.”

Health care: “Establish an improved ‘Medicare For All’ single-payer public health insurance program to provide everyone with quality health care at huge savings.”

Civil rights: “End police brutality, mass incarceration and institutional racism within our justice system. Expand women’s rights, protect LGBT people form discrimination, defend indigenous rights and lands and create a welcoming path to citizenship for immigrants. Protect the free Internet, replace drug prohibition with harm reduction and legalize marijuana/hemp.”