Editor names top 5 sugar rush selections

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to spend time with friends or significant others. But, it is also a time to eat an almost unlimited amount of candy, all in the name of love.

For this Valentine’s Day, I have listed the top five candies available. Hopefully, this will make the selection easier when deciding what to buy for friends or a private Singles Awareness Day celebration. Hint: This article can also be used as a guide for the marked down goods available Feb. 15, as it can be dangerous to enter the holiday candy aisle without a plan.

5. M&M’s

Although M&M’s are available all year, and the Valentine’s versions taste the same as the original M&M’s, the red, pink and white versions add a colorful element to the holiday that most other chocolate candies cannot. Add this to their easy affordability as a Valentine’s candy, and this treat earns its place in the top five.

4. Assorted chocolates

Many receive their first box of assorted chocolates from family as Valentine’s Day gifts. Over the years, chocolate lovers may come to look forward to the wide variety of treats a box of chocolates offers. Assorted chocolates, usually in a heart shaped box, make the top five because one box can contain milk chocolate truffles, caramels and strawberry or orange creme-filled dark chocolates.

3. Reese’s hearts

As with most major holidays, Reese’s has a Valentine’s candy, which are packs of heart-shaped peanut butter and chocolate singles. Although this candy tastes exactly like their Christmas tree and pumpkin-shaped candies, they do not need a unique flavor to stand out. The higher amount of peanut butter here compared to a regular Reese’s cup makes this one of the top Valentine’s candies.

2. Ghirardelli Valentine’s chocolates

The Ghirardelli brand generally costs a little more than the average Hershey’s or Nestle’s chocolates, but the price is worth the higher quality. For Valentine’s Day, the brand offers a variety pack of chocolates. They also have an Impressions chocolate product, which is milk chocolate squares with white chocolate hearts inside them. Regardless of which type someone buys, gifting them can be a nice way to show someone appreciation.

1. Conversation Hearts

As one of the most traditional candies for this holiday, conversation hearts share messages of love and affection that purchasers can use to show their feelings to someone. They have even grown with current technology to display phrases like, “Text me,” or “IM me.” Although they aren’t the most delicious options, the chalky candies are usually one of the first that come to mind when someone thinks of this day, and for that, they deserve the top spot.