SGA continues quest for more lighting at UNA

Lighting on campus remains an ongoing issue, but the Student Government Association is working toward a solution.

Chair of the Rules and Regulations Committee Dayton Tenney said SGA has received information from campus officials and is still figuring out their plans to continuously secure the lighting issue.

SGA conducted a survey last fall to see if students thought there was a lighting problem on campus, and over 400 students said there is, according to the survey results.

SGA President Nick Lang said the survey asked students which areas they thought needed more light.

Lang said the lack of lighting around the library gained a lot of concern from students. Another area, he said, was the broken lights outside Rivers Hall.

He said the university fixed most of the broken lights in front of Rivers Hall and Collier Library, but installing new lights is a different matter.

“Some actions have already been taken,” Tenney said. “Lights have been replaced for those reported. Not all lights have been replaced as there could (have) been a deficiency for that (specific) light.”

Lang said campus officials are looking into additional lighting, but the process of ordering and installing new lighting will take a considerable amount of time and money.

Lang said he has spoken with Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs Clinton Carter and Assistant Vice President for Facilities Administration and Planning Michael Gautney about this issue and plans on following-up with them soon.

“In some areas, yes, (lighting is an issue), but mainly toward the Commons and around the Amphitheater,” said freshman Erin Merriman.

Sophomore Jake Harding said he has never had any bad experiences walking on campus at night, but he also said that does not mean other people have not.

“It’s easy for the imagination to run wild in the dark,” Harding said.

He said he would not mind having more lights on campus at night.

Merriman said she goes running a lot at night, and said she thinks it is safe.

“I’m not really concerned,” she said. “I just try to stay in well-lit places. I haven’t seen (anything) suspicious.”

Harding said SGA has a lot on their plate with other issues, but lighting should be a top priority.

“It should probably be their number one priority,” he said.

Lang said he thinks more students will feel comfortable walking around at night because of the increase in light and the number of people out at night on campus will increase.

“I think campus is pretty safe at night, but maybe more lighting can help,” said sophomore Merri Beth Stanfield.

She said she thinks having additional security on campus will make students feel safer on campus.

“I think campus is fairly well-lit, but I think it would make students feel safer if Student Nighttime Auxiliary Patrol was standing by because people usually don’t like to call.”

Senior and member of the Rules and Regulations Committee Matt McGinnis said he thinks the increased lighting could help campus nighttime security.

“Better lighting will also help out the SNAP program, making sure they don’t run over anything when they drive,” he said in a previous article.