New barbeque restaurant offers two dining options

The pork potato provides a filling meal for even the heartiest of appetites.

Let’s face it. While there are several dining options available on campus, they can get pretty boring if eaten every day. Fortunately, there is a new restaurant in town, and it is within walking distance of campus.

After spending most of the break indoors catching up on Netflix shows and sleep, my daughter, Kimberly, and I decided to venture to Florence for lunch and post-Christmas shopping. Not wanting the usual pizza or burgers, we decided to try out this new place on Court Street.

306 BBQ offers patrons two ways to dine. The front dining area serves delicious meals in a fast-food style, while the back area offers customers a full-service dining experience.

I entered the restaurant, my daughter alongside me, unsure of what to expect.

After staring at the menu for what I am sure seemed like eternity to the guy behind the counter, I decided on a pork potato, which he informed me was his personal favorite.

Kimberly ordered wings with sides of macaroni and cheese and potato salad.

We selected a table close to the entrance, the huge windows letting in the sunshine, something we had not seen in weeks.

In less than five minutes, the server placed a steaming hot potato before me and served Kimberly a plate of six wings, hearty helpings of macaroni and cheese and potato salad and a roll.

My spud was covered in pork, cheese, chives and sour cream. The size of the meal was perfect for one person, and the $8 price tag did not break the bank.

Kimberly described her wings as “crispy and delicious,” and the macaroni and cheese as “extra cheesy” — both wins in her book. Kimberly’s meal was also $8 and provided her leftovers for later.

The front dining area is the perfect choice for anyone with little time for a meal. The service was quick and courteous, and the food was delicious. The large, open dining area is perfect for casual meals and conversation. Six TVs provide entertainment and news for those who want to catch up on what is going on in the world while enjoying a good meal.

For those with a little more time to spare, or anyone wanting a full-service dining experience, the restaurant offers the Back Alley Sports Bar. Located in the back of the restaurant, this dining area provides plenty of TVs and a full-service bar.

Anyone looking for a new place to eat should check out 306 BBQ on Court Street. The meals are perfectly sized for one person with leftovers a definite possibility.

For about $10 plus tax and tip, customers get a substantial meal and beverage. Take a short walk and grab some lunch in between classes. I will definitely be going back.