UNAPortal upgrade makes program more user-friendly

by News Editor Anna Beahm

As students, faculty and staff refresh over the break, UNAPortal is doing the same.

UNAPortal is undergoing major changes that include a simplified user interface and new colors and themes.

“With the current UNAPortal, students had to make multiple clicks to get to the information they needed,” said System Service Manager Sara Huntley. “With this, it’s basically only one or two clicks.”

Huntley said she thinks the update software is more user-friendly and that students will like the upgrade.

“One great feature is the automatic login into Email,” Huntley said. “Students can just click on the email icon and automatically be logged into their accounts.”

The new portal will no longer have a login page, but instead the login will look like the Office365 login, according to una.edu.

Instead of wading through the different tabs to find the correct link, UNAPortal now has new tabs labeled “Home,” “Academics,” “Advisor,” “Billing and Financial Aid” and “Registration” that easily directs students to the information they need.

The new UNAPortal will be mobile-friendly, too. The site layout will be compatible with mobile devices like cell phones and tablets than the previous version of UNAPortal.