Colleagues give support to senior sportswriter

(From left to right): James Dubuisson, Mike Ezekiel, Kadin Pounders and Xavier Wherry debate the College Football Playoff Nov. 30. Pounders, who plans to graduate May 2016, spent numerous hours and multiple years with The Flor-Ala.

Someone willing to go above and beyond for a college athletic program and the sports section of the campus newspaper is rare.

Meet Kadin Pounders.

Pounders, who plans to graduate in May 2016, spent the better part of his time at UNA working in athletics. Simultaneously, Pounders volunteered for the campus newspaper, The Flor-Ala, writing at least one story each week.

​”Kadin’s first story was in the summer of 2013, when I’d just become Life Editor,” said The Flor-Ala Editor-in-Chief Kali Daniel. “The fact that he stuck with it for over two years without any compensation proves his dedication, and the quality of his work never faltered.”

Pounders majors in Sports Management and would like to become an athletic director.

“Kadin is a good man with high character,” said UNA Athletic Director Mark Linder. “He will do very well in whatever he chooses to do, especially in college athletics.”

In his spare time, instead of relaxing and sticking with one job, Pounders decided to volunteer for The Flor-Ala. Starting as a volunteer student writer, Pounders quickly promoted to a staff writer.

This semester, The Flor-Ala offered Pounders the associate sports editor position, which is the first of its kind. Pounders not only wrote at least one or two stories per week, but also helped edit.

“Kadin knows his stuff and should go far in life,” said Dustin Pollard, a former sports editor for The Flor-Ala. “Whether he is writing stories or working for UNA athletics, he’s always really passionate about his work.”

Pounders spent most of his time working in the ticket office at Flowers Hall. Benjamin Ray, who the university hired in the fall as the Athletic Ticket Manager, said he appreciated Pounders’ help.

“With it being my first semester, having a veteran guy like Kadin helped me tremendously,” Ray said.  He’s dependable, hard working and does anything you ask him to do. Not only that, but he has great ideas and brings a lot to the table. I’m very appreciative of Kadin.”

As the current sports editor, I personally extend an enormous amount of gratitude to Pounders. I would not have made it through my first semester as sports editor without his help.

This may not do the same justice as a letter of recommendation, but we wrote it anyway. On behalf of the entire staff at The Flor-Ala, we thank Kadin Pounders for his hard work and dedication and wish him luck in future endeavors.