Video app delivers fun in single-second intervals

We all know what GIFs are. We see them every day on Facebook, Twitter and Google images.

Instagram recently released a new video app, called Boomerang, which allows users to snap five to six consecutive photos and turn them into a GIF.

Boomerang speeds up photos you take and plays them forward and backward in a 1-second looping video that you can share with the world through various social media and saves them to your camera roll.

I saw this fun app introduced on the “Today” show and knew I had to download it immediately.

It only took a moment to realize this was going to be my favorite video app.

My pets and family did not share my enthusiasm, however.

I began shooting pictures of anything that was moving, and if it was not moving, I made it move.

My first attempt was a selfie showing my reaction to the early morning. Unfortunately, I ended up looking possessed, some said.

I decided to focus on my pets instead. One of my cats, in true cat fashion, was less than impressed but — with the help of the app and my ability to capture him on video at just the right moment — gave me a nod of approval. My dog was overly excited, as usual, and I was able to catch him in a spastic happy Friday dance.

The opportunities for fun are endless with Boomerang.

Capture a friend throwing a pile of fall leaves into the air and watch them go up—and down—over and over again. Snap a few quick pics of your bestie not quite making that jump on their skateboard and allow them to view the catastrophe forward and backward, forever.

This is an easy app to learn. Simply press a button and let it do the rest.

You do not need the Instagram app to enjoy Boomerang, but if you do share through Instagram, there are several filters available to enhance your videos.

Boomerang is available for Android and iPhone. Download it today and share your happy moments with the world one second at a time.