Citizens have right to government accountability

by News Editor Anna Brown

Each presidential debate brings an interesting panel of ideas, stances and, of course, controversy.

Our current political society is immersed in many hot-button social issues including civil rights, economics and national security.

The Democratic debate Oct. 13 brought all these issues to the table and more, but one issue stood out to me.

“The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your (Hillary Clinton’s) damn emails,” said Sen. Bernie Sanders, D-Vt.

Clinton enthusiastically responded with, “Thank you. Me too!”

The Clinton email scandal broke earlier this year, sending the District of Columbia and the American people into a panic. I remember hearing friends and family frantically discussing the issue with great enthusiasm.

“We can’t have someone who does those things in office in D.C.,” they said.

Sen. Sanders, I am sick of hearing about them, too.

It seems nearly every week there is an article online or on the nightly news with an update about the Clinton email situation.

Clinton did a fair job of being forward, yet almost aloof and passive, about the emails. She even went so far as to smile and laugh as Sanders made his comment.

However, we should not be passive about this issue.

There is lots of confusion about the legality of Clinton using a personal email address for her government correspondence. The court must make the final decision.

However, citizens of America need to acknowledge and follow the investigation of one of our leaders. If a situation is so alarming that the Federal Bureau of Investigation would investigate, we should pay attention.

This topic needs coverage, and Americans need to pay attention. The Freedom to Information Act lets us read government documents and correspondences.

My charge to you is to analyze the actions of your government officials. This is a country established “of the people, by the people and for the people.” Holding the government accountable is a tedious task, but it is our right according to the First Amendment.