Busted water line causes complications for UNA’s Rice and Rivers halls

A busted water line left Rivers and Rice halls’ residents without hot water Monday night.

Assistant Vice President for Facilities Planning and Administration Michael Gautney said a hot water line on the seventh floor of Rivers Hall busted between 8 and 9 p.m. Oct. 12. Most of the water collected in the mezzanine level.

Freshman Lauren Frederick said the water did not reach her floor, but it affected her in other ways.

“I had to shower in Mattielou Hall because I didn’t have any hot water this morning,” she said.

Resident advisor Jessica Danielowicz said the water did not damage any of the students’ or RAs’ belongings.

Gautney said maintenance personnel worked until late in the evening cleaning up the water. No students had to leave their rooms. Maintenance is still working to clean up the water in Rivers, he said.

Rice and Rivers halls now have available hot water.