Stoner’s Pizza Joint offers prompt service

The buffalo chicken pizza from Stoner’s Pizza Joint offers a delectable abundance of melted cheese, chicken and Buffalo sauce. Stoner’s Pizza Joint is located on Florence Boulevard.

It was dinner time and my tummy was rumbling. I did not have time to fight the downtown crowd, and my refrigerator was bare, so the journey began.

Stoner’s Pizza Joint on Florence Boulevard was casually on the way to my next stop. It was the perfect opportunity to try out the new pizzeria with a clever name.

The open sign was not on. I hesitantly grabbed the handle, not wanting to look like an idiot for trying to open a locked door. They must have forgotten to flip the sign on because the door opened regardless of my hesitation.

Walking in, I noticed some employees gathered around a table handling toppings and others making pizzas behind the counter. While I enjoy watching others prepare my food, I was on a mission.

Underneath the restaurant’s name on the front page of the menu it said, “Best Pizza & Wings in Town.” That sounded good to me, and I planned to find out if it was true. The menu offered salads, wings, bread sticks, pizzas, calzones, lasagna, pizzandwiches and desserts.

I was overwhelmed at the options laid out before me. All the delicious opportunities called out to me. The cashier began looking a little impatient, so I finally decided to try a small hand-tossed buffalo chicken pizza. The cashier told me it would be $9.75, took my debit card and said it would be a 10-minute wait.

The service was prompt, and the cashier even brought the pizza outside to me.

I opened the box to find beautifully melted mozzarella over chicken and Buffalo sauce and grease — lots of grease. I am guilty of being a pizza blotter and had to ask for more napkins.

The buffalo chicken pizza was gooey, cheesy and delicious. I am usually a wimp when it comes to spicy food, but I love the taste of Buffalo sauce. This pizza truly impressed me. I was able to tackle three pieces without a drink. It was tasty, and it helped clear my sinuses.

The small was a good size for one person to eat all at once, to share with a roommate with a small appetite, or save for later. I saved mine and ate it as the night went on. I like cold, refrigerated pizza as well as fresh pizza. Only certain pizzas are good cold, and this was one of them.

Whether it is gameday pizza, a date with friends or a significant other, or a snack for late night studying, pizza is a college student staple. Stoner’s Pizza Joint is on my list of possibilities for any of those occasions.

Stoner’s Pizza Joint is on Florence Boulevard across from Neighborhood Wal-Mart and is open daily 4 p.m. until midnight.