Arx Mortis provides fall activity for UNA students

No longer can UNA students claim there is nothing to do in the area.

Nationally-renowned haunted attraction Arx Mortis opens Friday, Sept. 25.

“Each year we tear out one-third of the attraction and rebuild it,” said owner Vinny Grosso. “This year we tore out more than that.”

The haunts begin at the entrance and continue through a swamp, a mortuary, a clinic, a funeral home and a freak show. Countless costumed faces speak, without touching, and motion-activated pop-ups spook at every turn.

“It was a wonderful haunted house – the kind where it sucks to be the lead,” said senior biology major Paige Hauck. “The scariest part was probably having to walk through a tunnel that felt like two bouncy houses pushed up against each other.”

Hauck said her favorite aspect of the attraction were the costumes, specifically two males on skates – but we do not want to give too much away.

Tickets for Arx Mortis are available online, with the attraction being open only 19 select days between Sept. 25 and Nov. 1. The attraction also offers Ataxia, a laser tag maze feeding into the tale of Covington Clinic.

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