Renter’s insurance helps UNA student secure belongings

With many students moving to new residences as the fall semester begins, some question the security of their belongings.

Renter’s insurance provides students peace of mind about the safety of their belongings.

“Renter’s insurance covers fire, lightning and theft. If you’ve got it, I’ll insure it,” said State Farm Agent Bill Alexander.

Alexander said renter’s insurance covers jewelry, guns, antiques and any other belongings. He said separate policies can be purchased for different objects.

“Insurance agencies provide the renter’s insurance,” said Brink Apartments leasing agent Joyce Askew. “We think our residents should get renter’s insurance. They don’t have to, but we encourage them to.”

There are two types of renter’s insurance: Property and liability. Property renter’s insurance protects belongings. Liability renter’s insurance protects individuals financially against lawsuits, according to State Farm Insurance Agency’s renter’s insurance policy.

“I think renter’s insurance is good because it covers accidents,” said senior Austin Parsons. “It’s a good thing to have just in case.”

State Farm Insurance Agency customizes each client’s coverage to meet individual needs.

Renter’s insurances covers any damages to property caused by fire and electrical damage caused by lightning. It also covers damages to property caused by theft.

Most other general damages to property are covered. For example, if a waterbed bursts, renter’s insurance will replace the bed, Alexander said.

“If a student’s parents have traditional homeowner’s insurance, their policy extends to college students’ items in dorms or apartments,” he said. “If a parent does not have a traditional homeowner’s policy, renter’s insurance would be a good idea.”

The average cost of renter’s insurance per year is $144 and $12 per month, according to Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America.

Junior Javarius Moody said the cost of his monthly rent includes renter’s insurance.

“It’s good to know that there’s money to help me cover any damages,” said junior Javarius Moody.

Sophomore Chloe Wallace said she has renter’s insurance.

“I think it’s a good idea because if something happens, there’s a backup,” Wallace said.

Renters can choose how much coverage they want with a renter’s insurance policy, according to State Farm Insurance Agency. The minimum renter’s insurance coverage is $20,000 to cover the contents of a house.