UNA UPC plans 3 movie nights per month

UPC Pro Tempore Amanda Areostatico (left) hands out soft drinks at the first Movie Mondays event featuring “Inside Out” Sept. 21. About 220 students attended the event.

by News Editor Anna Brown

A line stretched down the hallway in the second level of the Guillot University Center Monday night as students waited for the first Movie Mondays event.

Movie Monday is one of two new movie nights hosted by the University Programming Council this fall.

“Our standard this year is one event per month from each of the five UPC committees,” said UPC Vice President Adam McCollum. “The movies and novelties committee has taken it to an even higher level and decided it wanted to go for three (movies) per month.”

McCollum said he hopes these movie nights will get students more involved with SGA and UPC.  

About 220 students attended the movie Sept. 21, said head of the movies and novelties committee Alyson Berry.

“I think it was the second highest number of students we’ve ever seen at a movie night,” Berry said. “We completely ran out of T-shirts, food and chairs.”

Movie Mondays and Throwback Thursday movie nights began this fall, he said.

Movie Mondays features films no longer showing in theater but not yet available for purchase. Throwback Thursday features movies from the late ‘80s and ‘90s most current UNA students watched growing up, McCollum said.

UPC also revamped the theme of the Friday night movie nights. He said the theme of the Friday night movie night is now Film Fridays.

Berry said the committee scheduled the Film Fridays around key holidays each month.

Next month’s Film Friday theme is Halloween. She said they will feature a Halloween film Friday, Oct. 30.

Free food and drinks will still be available at each movie night like last year, McCollum said.

The food could range from snacks like popcorn and candy to something more substantial like pizza, depending on the cost of the movie, he said.

Like previous years, the movie nights are free. Students only need their Mane cards, he said.

The student activity fee was raised from $40 to $45 this fall and McCollum said he wants students to get the most for their money.

The funds from that fee go to purchase T-shirts, food and other items needed for the movie nights, he said. Additionally, the fee pays for the licensing through Swank Motion Pictures, Inc. for the unofficially released movies shown on Movie Mondays.

UPC held the first movie night Sept. 11 and featured “Max” in memory of the 9/11 attacks.

“The first movie night (Sept. 11) had about 150 students attending,” McCollum said. “We were really happy with that number.”

The freshman live-on requirement might have contributed to this increase in attendance, he said.

Senior Jennifer Sewell said she thinks attendance is higher at the movie nights this year due to the increased number of freshmen on campus.

“I really like having the movie on a Monday night,” said senior Justin Shepherd. “It gives students a fresh start to the week. Plus, UPC always shows great movies.”

McCollum said he hopes having more movie nights will strengthen the relationship between the students and SGA.

“A lot of times, people don’t know what SGA and UPC do,” he said. “If they see us not just once a month, but five to 10 times a month out doing stuff for the students, it’ll get them connected.”

The next Movie Monday features Ant Man Oct. 19, Berry said.