Time management strategies for surviving a hectic college schedule

Time management is essential in a student’s life, especially when balancing a number of activities. Students are more likely to be successful if they follow a schedule.

Learning Support Coordinator and Academic Advisor Matthew Price encourages students to plan and manage their time wisely.

Whether a student spends extra time working, participating in activities, or just relaxing, time for studying must be included in the schedule, he said.

Senior Maurice Mull said balancing LaGrange society, his job as a Resident Advisor and being a member of SGA can be hard, but it can all be managed by planning and writing down the schedule.

“I used to put everything in my head but then that got really difficult to manage,” he said. “I started using this app called Google Calendar which sends me updates of my schedule.”

Sophomore Caleb Lewis works at the Florence-Lauderdale Public Library, is a Navigator and on the SGA Budget Oversight Committee. He said planning ahead is important.

“I try to figure out what has to be done and then I get those things done first,” he said.

Senior Quinton Lane said he finds managing time helpful when it comes to balancing school, band and work.

“Usually, during the semester, since I have practice and work, I do my homework in the morning before class and then do what I can to prepare myself for practice,” Lane said.

He said balancing the three becomes a challenge in the course of the semester.

“You really have to make your time count,” he said. “Doing homework during any downtime you get is really helpful.”

Freshman McCara Woods said the transition from high school to college has affected the way she manages time.

“In high school I really didn’t care about my homework,” she said. “I did everything at the last minute because I’m a procrastinator. I’m trying to manage my time better so I can get my work turned in.”

Price said it is important to put a schedule in writing rather than try to remember it all and that is where some students go wrong.

Sophomore Abdullah Alharbi said having a planner is very important to him.

“I usually have a plan to manage my time,” Alharbi said. “I manage my priorities and do my homework.”

Freshman Alex Hartfield said he prefers to have a more laid-back approach.

“I am a procrastinator to the max,” Hartfield said. “I do (homework) the night before.”