Officials: Human Environmental Sciences must relocate before demolition of Floyd Hall

Students walk past Floyd Hall on their way to classes. Officials said until the Department of Human Environmental Sciences is relocated, no action will be taken to demolish the building.

University officials pushed Floyd Hall’s original demolition appointment in December back to summer 2016.

The demolition of Floyd Hall was announced July 2 through a letter sent to faculty and staff from President Kenneth Kitts.

The Department of Human Environmental Sciences, under the College of Education, currently utilizes the first floor of the west wing of Floyd Hall.

“Until a determination of where this department will be relocated is approved by the board of trustees, no action will be taken to demolish Floyd Hall,” said Assistant Vice President of Facilities Administration and Planning Michael Gautney. “It is possible that a location can be determined within the next couple of months.”

Gautney said current estimates for demolition are between $150,000 and $200,000.

“I wish it would be repurposed,” said junior Matt Hartman. “But, I think the demolition could be good depending on what they build.”

Kitts and Gautney both expressed the possibility of filling the absence of Floyd with a new nursing building.

“The president and executive council of the board are considering all possibilities for the location of a proposed nursing building, which includes the option to demolish Floyd Hall for this purpose,” Gautney said.

Senior communications major Tracee White said she thinks the building needs major repairs.

“The elevators are terrifyingly slow, and the lighting is just awful,” White said.

Film and Digital Media junior Colton McCormick said he thinks the building is outdated.

“There is no reason it should still be there,” McCormick said. Obviously, demolishing it is the right thing to do. ”

If the demolition is approved, Floyd Hall could be completely vacated and ready for demolition as early as July 2016, Gautney said.

Built in the 1960s for Florence State College, Floyd Hall was the original Science Building before the opening of the Science and Technology building April 30.