Detailed maps help students navigate UNA campus

Savannah Herbst and Lynn Hartman use the campus map next to Keller Hall. There is another map located next to the Stone Lodge.

The University of North Alabama received a new addition on campus this fall: Maps.

One of SGA President Nick Lang’s biggest goals while running for president last year was to install one oblong map on campus.

“We pushed really hard to get the maps on campus because we knew that it was absolutely necessary for students to be able to find their way to their classes,” Lang said.

Lang said he later realized there were enough funds to install two maps.

SGA paid $4,000 toward the project from the Campus Line Item budget, he said.

The university covered the remaining cost for the maps, housing and installation, said Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs Clinton Carter.

Carter said each map was relatively inexpensive with each costing about $100. The maps are easy to remove and interchange if needed, he said.

Lang said one of the maps is located next to the Harrison Plaza fountain and the other on the Shelby Way walkway near the Stone Lodge.

The maps display details of the parking lots, academic buildings, common areas, residence halls and athletic facilities on campus.

Lang mentioned the importance for SGA to provide all students with the proper resources to be able to have an amazing college experience.

“Throughout the rest of the year, we plan to discuss the possibility of implementing campus maps at every major entrance to the campus,” Lang said.

He said SGA has yet to discuss the possibility of adding more maps with Assistant Vice President for Facilities Administration and Planning Michael Gautney and Carter.

Carter said he thinks the university would be happy to add more maps in strategic areas around campus if students are happy with them.

“I think they are a great addition to campus and will really help students, especially freshmen and transfers, find their way around,” said sophomore and member of the Senate Olivia Privett.

Freshman Lori Gessini said she thinks students need to navigate their own way around campus instead of being too dependent on the maps.

“They are a good source, but they did not show the different ways to get around campus for disabled students,” Gessini said.

Freshman Carson Dickey said he used the maps to find Collier Library, then turned around to see it right in front of him.

Lang said he, along with SGA, are thankful for the Department of Grounds Maintenance and the Department of Facilities Administration and Planning collaborating with them in order to carry out this initiative.

“The Student Government Association couldn’t have made this possible for the students without the help from Grounds Maintenance and Facilities Administration and Planning,” Lang said.