UNA students share back to school rituals

One yearly tradition involves students dipping their pencils in the fountain for good luck and good grades.

There are many well-known traditions students do at the beginning of the year, such as dipping a pencil in the fountain on the first day of school.

Some students have their own personal traditions they do every year.

“To prepare for school, I always buy a pair of running shoes,” said sophomore Chandon Hines.

She said her new shoes act as a reminder to stay motivated to commit to the most important things in her life.

“Even with barely any free time, I continue to make time for me and stick to my goals,” she said.

Another tradition she has is volunteering for at least one event the week before classes start.

“Being at UNA has made this really easy to accomplish,” she said. “I have worked with the Give a Kid a Chance organization in the community, which donates backpacks for children in need, most every year for the past 10 years.”

She said being involved with that has led her to participate in other volunteer organizations as well, such as Unpack the Pride and Lions Lend a Hand.

Junior Chelsey Flurry said she has her own back-to-school tradition as well.

“I usually try to find at least one person on the first day to make friends with,” she said. “That way, I’ll be less intimidated by not knowing anyone.”

She also said if she can get to know a little about one person on the first day, she can get to know everyone in all her classes much quicker.

Junior Hunter Grider has a unique kind of tradition

“The week before school starts, I always get a haircut,” he said.

Grider said getting a haircut before each school year reminds him to stay fresh so he can do his best throughout the rest of the year.

Sophomore Daniel Love said he enjoys hanging out with family and friends.

“My back to school tradition is going to band camp, and after band camp we have a cookout and bonfire, and we usually stay up the entire night listening to music and having a good time,” he said.

He also said that it’s like a celebration for the end of the summer, and it’s a good way to relax and spend time with one another.

Whether it’s volunteering or simply getting a haircut, back-to-school traditions are a great way to start off a successful academic year.