UNA professors give advice for new, returning students

“Put in the work, show up for class, take notes and do the assignments on time. Get to know your professors. We get paid to help you.”

Matthew Barlow

Assistant Professor, Public History

“Challenge yourselves. This is the time you can take chances and make mistakes.”

Tim Collins

Chair, Department of

Politics, Justice and Law

“Take advantage of all the opportunities you will be presented

with in college.”

Cynthia Burkhead

Chair, English Department

“Keep a schedule. Look at it every hour of every day.”

Ian Loeppky

Director, Choral Activities

“Come to class. You’ll be surprised how much you don’t pick up on if you don’t come to class.”

Jim Martin

Professor, Journalism

“Stay ahead. Don’t get behind in your reading. If you wait until the last minute, you aren’t going to comprehend it.”

Stephanie Mohr

Instructor, Nursing

“If you find yourself getting behind, ask for help.”

Sandra Loew

Professor, Counselor Education

“Get a lot of sleep. Manage your time well enough to get a good night’s sleep.”

Linda Armstrong

Professor, Elementary Education