LaGrange Hall reopened to provide more spaces for UNA residents

Students will again live in LaGrange Hall after it’s initial closing at the end of the Spring 2015 semester. 

University residences reopened LaGrange after finding the current residence halls were overbooked. 

“We’ve opened one floor of LaGrange Hall, giving us 50 extra spaces,” said Director of University Residences Kevin Jacques. “If push comes to shove, there are 226 spaces in LaGrange we can use.”

Jacques said LaGrange was reopened due to a higher number of women and upperclassmen living on campus this semester. He said the allotted upperclassman spaces are completely full. 

LaGrange will be used to house any overflow of upperclass students and overflow of freshman women, he said.

“We have space,” he said. “If you want to live on campus, you can. No one will be turned away.” 

Junior Emily Norris said she enjoyed living in LaGrange and was saddened when it closed last spring. She said she would still live there if she had not already rented an apartment for the fall semester. 

“I felt like it was the best dorm on campus after Lafayette,” she said. “I’m kind of jealous of the students who get to live there (LaGrange). It’s a great dorm, despite its age.” 

Junior Yadira Patino said she is not surprised the dorm was reopened. 

“A lot of my friends guessed this would happen and were upset they couldn’t stay since they were used to living there,” Patino said. 

Jacques said over 1300 spaces are currently assigned to students for this fall. This is about a 15 percent increase in students living on campus compared to fall 2014, he said. 

“We are very excited to see this increase,” Jacques said.