Lauderdale County halts new marriage licenses

The Supreme Court ruled, in a 5-4 split vote, no state can ban same-sex marriage as of June 26. This ruling gives same-sex couples a new, established civil right to marry nationwide.

Despite the Supreme Court’s ruling, Lauderdale County – amid other Alabama and Tennessee counties – has taken stalling actions.

“We have stopped issuing all licenses at this point in time until we evaluate an opinion,” said Lauderdale County Probate Judge Will Motlow. “I’ll be exploring all legal options that are available to me to make the best decision I can make.”

Lauderdale County has stop performing marriage ceremonies since April 2015.

“To my understanding most of the counties are taking this approach for right now,” Motlow said.

Nearby counties have taken similar actions.

Limestone County Probate Judge Charles Woodroof said the Limestone Court will not be issuing licenses until the Supreme Court ruling has been properly reviewed. Limestone County stopped issuing licences the day of the ruling.

In Wayne County, Tennessee, only marriage ceremonies have been stopped, according to Wayne County Probate Judge Stan Horton.

“It’s not that we have stopped issuing licenses, we just have not had anyone stop by yet,” Horton said.