Intramural sports give all students opportunity to play

Many students enrolled may not be aware of all the benefits and resources the school provides.

The Student Recreation Center provides the experiences students need during a stressful semester.

Intramural sports provide students the opportunity to play a club sport, whether it is football, basketball, softball, soccer or even ultimate Frisbee.

“I have a lot of groups that participate, especially in the team activities,” said Ryan Putman, coordinator of intramural sports. “If somebody notices we have a pool tournament and likes to play pool, it gives them the opportunity to get out there and play and meet people.”

Events are scattered throughout the semester, typically one event per month, but sometimes Putman holds two or three events in one night to get more students involved.

Most of these events take place in the first floor and the intramural field, located off Irvine Street. The SRC provides basketball courts along with activities such as volleyball and badminton.

All of these luxuries are free of charge to UNA students.

Another benefit is the jobs the SRC offers to students. Just as you would apply for an SRC job on Lion Jobs, you can apply to be an intramural referee.

“I have my own separate application to where I have a pool of potential employees that I pull from and I’ll do my hiring and process that way,” Putman said.

Junior Zachary Wright, a former intramural referee, said he enjoyed his job with the SRC.

“I like it because it’s interactive and you’re not stuck behind a desk,” Wright said.

You do not necessarily need experience in the field of intramural sports to get a job at the SRC. The staff trains students on site so everyone will be ready to start working.

Greek life is also a major part of intramural sports and is another gateway to branch out and learn more about UNA and many activities that are associated with the university. Unfortunately, there is a lack of participation of intramural sports due to the lack of Greek attendants within the events in the past few years.

“I think there is less enrollment in the Greeks than there used to be,” said Jordan Shelvan, an intramural sports referee. “That affects who comes in because usually they come ready to play.”