New business to deliver Shoals favorites ‘first, fast, fresh’

Former student Blake Sulcer’s goal is getting rich by serving the Florence and UNA communities — literally.

He and freshman Josh Monroe developed a delivery service they hope will soon bring Flo-town dining favorites to your door.

They made Flo2Go’s first trial-run delivery April 17 and said they hope to be in full swing by the end of this week.

“Right now we’re in the process of getting our first five trial restaurants,” Sulcer said. “ We want to get our target area of Florence first, then expand into Muscle Shoals. We want to deliver pretty much anything that’s local in Florence.”

Sulcer and Monroe named several local businesses they hope to partner with: Ricatoni’s Italian Grill, Rice Box, El Charito Mexican Restaurant, The Pie Factory and Rosie’s Mexican Cantina.

To order, customers should visit the mobile-friendly and start by making a profile with their zip codes and addresses. Users can then choose the restaurants they would like to order from and view full menus. The site also offers the option to customize an order.

Orders must be a minimum of $5.99 and a $2.99 delivery fee is added. For locations more than 7 miles from the restaurant, a $1-per-mile charge is added.

“It just makes it easier for people,” Sulcer said. “The service is brought to them, and it’s brought to them how they want it. We’re the first place to do this in Florence. We want to be the fastest at it. It’s going to be fresh every time we bring it to you. That’s our slogan: First, fast, fresh.”

UNA Admissions Counselor Bishop Alexander said he looks forward to using the Flo2Go service.

“As a person who has been a student of UNA and involved in the campus and community, this is something new and meets the needs of students and working professionals who are on-the-go,” Alexander said.

Graduate student Yogyata Batra said Flo2Go would be useful to her as an international student.

“Because I’m an international student, I do not drive or own a car,” Batra said. “It’s would be convenient for food to be delivered to me.”

Batra said the $2.99 delivery fee is reasonable because it is comparable to paying a tip at a restaurant.

“What makes a great business and business person is talking to the customers,” Alexander said. “Blake has been asking different students and community members what they want.”

Sulcer said the idea for Flo2Go came from the want he and Monroe have to make life easier for students and professionals in the community.

“My mom used to be a registered nurse at ECM working 12-hour shifts and they would be so busy she wouldn’t get a break,” Monroe said. “With something like this, people who are at work and don’t have time to go get food can still have something to eat.”

Senior Hollie Roberts said she thinks Flo2Go will be a hit with college students.

Monroe called the business a “dream come true,” saying it also corresponds with his pursuit of a marketing degree.

“We have life goals,” Sulcer said. “I want to be a millionaire before I’m 30 years old. I’m 24, about to be 25 now, and we think this is a start, something that can get our lives where we want them — on the right track in the business world.”