McCollum wins UNA UPC VP election by landslide

According to those who know him best, Vice President-elect of UPC Adam McCollum is a management major with big plans for UNA.

McCollum described himself as a UNA sports fan who is driven to accomplish his goals.

“When I get involved in something, I don’t let up,” he said. “I go 100 miles per hour, and I don’t stop until it’s finished.”

McCollum claimed 57 percent of the vote to Brianna Jordan’s 22 percent and Jonathan Barnett’s 21 percent.

He campaigned on the “Flo-town to College town” platform. He said the first step in his plan is recruiting the right people to serve on UPC.

“I really want to encourage anyone who has that same vision, wants to see Florence become more of a college town through our event planning and who feels like they have the event planning skills to apply for UPC,” he said. “The more people we have apply, the better quality of people we get at the end of the day.”

His plans also include engaging international students.

He told students at “Meat the Candidates” that college towns with great atmospheres, like Tuscaloosa, are successful because international students are involved.

Jordan said McCollum’s work ethic to make Florence a college town is one of his greatest attributes.

“Tailgating is what people enjoy in places like Alabama and Auburn,” Jordan said. “That’s what we’re trying to do — give people those great experiences.”

McCollum said he wants to increase student involvement among all students next year.

“I could have just put up campaign signs with words on them, but I put my face on there because I want students to recognize my face,” McCollum said.

“That way they feel comfortable walking up to me, whether they see me on campus or in a store, and talking to me.”

Junior Austin Peacock praised McCollum’s enthusiasm.

“I can remember his campaign last year for Treasurer, and the reason I voted for him then was he was just so passionate,” Peacock said. “Being in SGA the last two months, he’s been one of the hardest working individuals. He’ll do a great job and make UNA better than it already is.”